Stellar ($XLM)


Proven, solid tech developed for 4 years. Their network is backed by IBM
Team & Community
Jed McCaleb - enough said. Previously, he created eDonkey2000 which became one of the largest file-sharing networks in its time. He later created Mt. Gox, the first bitcoin exchange, which was subsequently sold and re-coded by its current owners, followed by Ripple. Famous board members: Keith Rabois: Paypal, COO at Square and board member at Xoom, as well as being a board member at Yelp and a VP of business development at LinkedIn. Matt Mullenweg founder and CEO of Automattic, the company behind Sam Altman President of Y Combinator
Use Case & Utility
Everything that Ripple is supposed to do ++ . Plus it's not literally owned by banks
Truly Stellar team, an open mindset might make stellar the backbone of the future finance. Good to see its value appreciating
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