Power Ledger ($POWR)


Power Ledger is a blockchain-based peer-to-peer energy trading platform enabling consumers and businesses to sell their surplus solar power to their neighbours without a middleman.

The Power Ledger system tracks the generation and consumption of all trading participants and settles energy trades on pre-determined terms and conditions in near real time. A user simply receives a registration email from their Application Host, they click on a link which takes them to the Power Ledger platform where they create a userid and password. That’s it, once logged in they can see their electricity usage and all their P2P trading transaction details.

Power Ledger ($POWR)

1 Hour
1 Day
7 Days
30 Days
0.108 USD
Market Cap
45,488,900.0 USD (116th)
24h Volume
791,440.0 USD
BTC Correlation

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